Sunday, October 1

New Andy Warhol Interview Book : I'll Be Your Mirror

This is my 1st Warhol-Related BOOK REVIEW & if you're a big Andy Warhol Fan then I highly recommend this book! The title is "I'll Be Your Mirror, The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews". Edited by Kenneth Goldsmith ©2004. This book basically reprints many real-life interviews done with Andy, 37 of them! The interviews were usually conducted by reporters & art critics from 1962-1987. It contains 29 photographs. In many of the interviews Andy was "typical Warhol" just answering questions with yes or no, no matter what the question was, ha ha. Other times though he had alot of very thought provoking things to say. Like, in one interview, he makes the statement "Everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes". In another he talks about his Death & Disaster series in a very touching way. Some critics felt he exploited the imagery of people commiting suicide or being dead but his actual message is that these people were usually not talked about by the media or just used as a sound-bite. After reading what he has to say you come to the understanding that he really cared about these people & felt that all people are important, even if you're not a famous person. They cover all aspects of his art from the wacky Campbell's Soup Cans all the way to his very religious Last Supper paintings. This book was so good I usually had a problem putting it down. I kinda skipped thru the ones covering his film carreer but most of them are about his art & ideas about art / business.....a great book! If you really wanna "know" Andy then I suggest getting this book at your favorite liabary or you can use the link I have provided & get it at a great price at Amazon Books.

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