Saturday, December 8

Vintage LP Record Albums with Andy Warhol Artwork

In music history there have been many different album covers featuring Andy Warhol artwork. Shown up above are just a few examples. The one of Count Basie is actually quite RARE. It used commercial art that Andy did in the 1950's. The one with the Rolling Stones Love You Live art was specially commissioned by Mick Jagger. The banana cover is for a band called the Velvet Underground which was owned by Warhol. This image is practically an icon & has been reproduced on hundreds of T-Shirts, The last one with Paul Anka's portrait was just that, a portrait. Mr. Anka hired Warhol to do a few paintings of him & later he chose this one to be an album cover. I thought this would be a neat post, hope ya like it.

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