Thursday, December 27

Psaiers' STINK By ANDY WARHOL Perfume Bottle

This is a fantastic and ultra rare 'Yellow Cake Deluxe Cased Edition' by Andy Warhol & Pietro Psaier. It is No.2 of a varied edition of only 25 ( Each one is unique, with different colous and scent bottles ). It was produced in 1984 and is dated verso 3/3/84. The bottle in the case is solid crystal and is very large and heavy. The bottle and the stopper both have plates with the title 'P. Psaiers Stink Parfum No.1 by Andy Warhol' and with the signature of Warhol below. The case is also very heavy, wood construction, with a mirrored interior. The exterior is covered in a special type of acrylic, which is a neon laser fiberoptic produced by CM Research. On the front are the names 'Andy Warhol, Pietro Psaier' and on the top and sides, the title 'Stink'. Integrated into the front is also the signature of Pietro Psaier, the edition number 2/25 and the Factory Additions Inc. Copyright. There is a glass plate covering the front. The overall dimensions are 17 x 14 x 5 inches. On the verso is a gallery label from the renowned 'Upstairs Gallery', New York. It has the title "Psaiers Stink No.1 by Andy Warhol, New York". The price was $10,000 plus sales tax.

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