Monday, November 26

Brand New Products: Wild & Wacky Andy Warhol Items

It's kinda strange how today there's a ton of Warhol-related products being made & a few of them are kinda weird or wacky! Like these: Here's a Set of 5 different real-life SNOWBOARDS that features Warhol's work on the bottom. There's the "Do-It-Yourself Flowers" painting, an Electric Chair from the Art Print Series, a Last Supper variation, a 1960's Flowers Painting, & my favorite, an Andy Warhol Self-Portrait. These are actually pretty cool & I think they would be great to display as art on the wall. The next item is a very small plastic-figure of Andy that is sort of ball-shaped, kinda cute really. This is a part of the current "Urban Toy" culture & made by a company named Harmony. They made other "artists" in the series but who cares about them. The last item is kinda funny & elegant all at the same time, ha ha. It's a Fine-Silk Dress Tie with Andy's famous Pop Art graphic of a Pepsi-Cola Bottle Cap. I haven't really researched these ties that hard but I'll bet ya that they did one with Campbell's Soup Cans, ha ha!

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